LUSH Haircare: Rehab & Veganese

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They tried to make me go to rehab but I said no no no – sorry I just couldn’t resist! I brought this as I had tortured my poor hair with all the curling, straightening and styling. This is my second 500g bottle of this so I thought it was about time for a review. The viscosity of Rehab Is quite different to that of your everyday shampoo as it is quite runny so you have to be quick when applying this to your hair to avoid spilling some. I have to say this isn’t the cheapest of shampoos and a 500g bottle will set you back £16.75.However, a little does go a long way with this shampoo so a bottle will last you a long time. This product is great for getting rid of product build up and for a lush shampoo, it lathers up really well. I think this has quite an almost peppermint scent but it doesn’t linger in the hair. Of course, the peppermint scent is rooted with the mint which is paired with juniper in the formula for hair growth. On a side note if you are a great fan of juniper Lush do a solid shampoo bar to help oily hair called Jumping Juniper. Although Rehab is a powerful shampoo it is perfectly fine for those with sensitive scalps.
Veganese conditioner is their lightest conditioner , built for Japanese hair types, so it doesn’t weigh your hair down at all .Unlike normal conditioners Veganese is slightly runny and not waxy. I have the 250g bottle of this and it has lasted me for ages. Unfortunately, I am still in the habit of religiously straightening and curling my hair so I like to switch this up with a more intensive conditioner once a week. One of the key ingredients in this is lemon so initially I did wonder if it is safe for coloured hair however; it has been completely fine with coloured hair so no need to worry on that front. The lemon is also the ingredients that helps keep your hair nice and shiny. Just like Rehab it is also made with a seaweed base to ensure soft hair so paired together they make for a head of lovely soft locks.
If you are new to lush you may not know that on the back of every product they put stickers with the names and faces of the people who made your products, so a big thanks to Peter and Rafal for making such great hair products!

What shampoo and conditioner do you use?

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  1. My hair is so fine, I think I will give Veganese a go! But Rehab might be a little to expensive for me at the moment!

  2. I've awarded you the Liebster award, you can see all the details on my blog and then pass them on to your top 11 blogs. Love your blog! Cass x

  3. I've awarded you the Liebster award, you can see all the details on my blog and then pass them on to your top 10 blogs.

    I love reading your blog.

    Rachael x