Vanity Fairest on a Friday

by - 01:21

Essie's Vanity Fairest is a very pale pink with tiny hints of glitter inside which gives a lovely hint of sparkle to your nails.Despite what you may think the two polishes in the picture above are actually both Vanity Fairest but they look like different shades - I have no idea why! One thing I can say is that all the Essie polishes I have tried, so far, *touch wood* have been great and don't chip very easily, which is always a positive.

What is your absolute favourite nail polish brand?

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  1. wow zoe, i am a total newbie here in the blog world.. i really love your blog..!! :) it looks lovely.
    xox, Sundra

  2. This is such a pretty colour!! :)

    I've tagged you to do the 'Leibster Award' Post! Check out my post for more info! :) …

  3. This looks so beautiful and subtle! I love it!


  4. so glad I stumbled on your blog, gorgeous photography and love this nail colour as well! x