Soap and Glory Supercat Extreme Eyeliner Pen

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For a long time there has been a notable absence in my makeup collection – eyeliner. For some reason I could not get to grips with eyeliner. So, as a result the one eyeliner I did own was hidden away at the back of my makeup only to see the light on fancy dress occasions such as Halloween etc. However, whilst I was looking at the Soap and Glory cosmetics ,in Boots, I was intrigued by the Supercat Carbon Black Extreme Eyeliner. The best bit about this is eyeliner definitely the felt tip applicator -  especially for us who aren’t quite as skilled in the eyeliner department as we would like to be :) . However, I have taken to this really well, I mean there has been a couple of times where I have had to redo my eye shadow due to my clumsiness. But in all honesty, this makes applying eyeliner really easy! I like to create a fine line with my eyeliner and the great thing about this is that the felt tip applicator lets me do just that, and I don’t have to worry about searching  for eyeliner sharpeners first thing in the morning when I am in a hurry. The felt tip applicator is perfect for creating a bold cat eye when you are feeling a little more adventurous. Once again, like all Soap and Glory products the packaging is lovely and the aesthetic is in tune with their Thick and Fast mascara. I have adored this product and I am so happy with the results it brings.
Which products have you been  loving lately?

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  1. I love eyeliners like this, so easy to apply!x

  2. These kind of eyeliners are my faaavourite! They apply so easily and make drawing winged eyeliner a breeze.

  3. I have an eyeliner with this tip from Lancome. The tip is soo convenient!

  4. I love the Supercat Eyeliner :) I use it daily! You should try the Laura Geller Waterproof Gel Eyeliner - it's in a little pot and you apply with a brush. I love it! (Maybe more than Supercat!) x